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I've inserted the objectives template for your objectives.

You will find more info on pedagogcial templates here:

You may want to think about navigation alternatives for your resource -

For slide shows - rather than using the pdf alternative, it would be a good idea to download a copy of Open Office. This is free software that will convert powerpoint into the .odp format - an openely documented format. This way you can upload the source file for users to download and edit. Using open office, you can also export the slide show as a flash file (.swf) which you can embed in WIkiEducator for learners to view. Take a look at this example.

The same goes for pdf documents. Open Office has the capability of generating pdf documents (without the need to purchase pdf writing software). The advantage of using Open Office is that you can also upload the source files for editing purposes.

Hope you find these comments useful.

--Mackiwg 04:11, 19 May 2007 (CEST)

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