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General Impression This module is well written for self-instructional learning because it is very informative although, a few direct links to other information sites will result in a more varied presentation layout. The linkages between the objectives, content and activity are evident with the following observations made.

Introduction to unit 3 is clear and well written with adequate information touching on critical aspects of human sexuality. We think it is worthwhile considering the inclusion of cultural aspects since each culture has its own perceptions/values/ attached to sex and sexuality. If this is done, then the objectives will also need to reflect it.

Objectives - well written with the following suggestions.

Bullet point 3: Consider replacing Recognize with Distinguish

Bullet point 6: Consider .........................Explain

Bullet point 7: Suggest ..........................Demonstrate

Definitions are concise but also note that all definitions relate to issues of HIV/AIDS as if the unit is all about HIV/AIDS. Consider including key concepts such as sexuality, sexual orientation, etc.

Contents very impressive and informative concepts and ideas well explained. You may already be working on this but if not, consider introducing self-assessment exercises in the text to promote learners' understanding

Activity Does your activity reflect all areas of your objectives - it appears to us that it concentrates on HIV/AIDS. Please revisit.

Final Comment We are sure you are working on putting in more activities, feedback, visuals ..., and that you will have completed your Group Tasks before this BC ends. POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

Here is an image that might be good for the section on contraceptives (from google images):

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