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Group Two


As the group was editing while the review was in process some comments may no longer be relevant.

The contents are very well organised and all the main ideas have been addressed.


  • The first sentence might be more appropriate under intra-persional


  • One might consider replacing the word "youth" with "people".

Human Relationships

  • the first sentence does not seem necessary.

Types of Relationships The sencond sentence is not clear.

Opposite Sex

  • Is there a more appropriate title that can be used?
  • The sentences, "Everyone needs companionship". The sentence that begins with "With the onset ....." should perhaps read, "With the onset of puberty, the normal physiological changes that take place, some teenagers may develop an interest or get attracted to the opposite sex."

General Comments

  • the section on aquaintances and friends should be placed before "Opposite Sex".
  • Further editing is required as there are a few grammatical errors, typos and sentences are very long.
  • A bit verbose in places.
  • Language needs to be simplified in some areas.
  • There is a need for more activities.
  • The reflections and assignments seem unrelated to previous information in some cases.


Here is a link to another image (from Wikicommons) that might also be good in the parenting section:

And - here is a really nice picture of three friends (male) that might be good for the friends and acquaintance section (from google images)

Icon activity.jpg
  1. What does the word Love mean to you? Explain fully.
  2. What does the word Dating mean to you?
  3. What does the word Sex mean to you?

Icon reflection.gif


This is a Self Analysis table on Responsibility. Fill in the table below, and discuss with your friends.

Self Analysis on Responsibilities
Characteristics TRUE FALSE
I have certain responsibilities as a citizen.
I have certain responsibilities at home.
I have certain responsibilities at school.
I am able to get along with my parents.
I am able to get along with other family members.
I am able to get along with other members of the society.
I am able to respect and accept the way my parents are.
I am able to respect and accept the way my family members are.
I am able to respect and accept the way other members of the society are.


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