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REVIEW BY GROUP 5 Well done. A lot of information and well organised. Objectives and reflective questions are also well written and clear. It appears that there is ample content for this course and perhaps work on a couple of tasks/assgts that are interactive and constructive for the learner (as demonstrated/discussed in yesterdays presentation by Karen&Andrew)

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Review Group 1 by Group 4.

Topic 2.

Content very detailed and very good visuals

Substance and Drug Abuse.

- Re visit the Introduction/ Rationale. Only seems to focus on inrtoduction.


Revisit 6 something seems to be missing

  :    2  seems to be more of a strategy
    3and 10 dont seem to be measurable


Definition for chemical dependcy missing

Topic 3

Revisit introduction/Rationale Rational not included

Rearrenge the objectives

Items included on the assesment very good

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