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Review Feedback for Unit 2 & 3

General Comments: Congratulations!! Excellent demonstration of team work as shown by your expert use of wiki content design strategy, keep it up, know what? you have certainly gone well way ahead. Keep the pace. The variety of activities built into each unit topic is excellent.

Points for consideration: Unit 2

Structural Format - no coment

Content needs attention in the following areas:

OVERVIEW - the reviewing teams feels this need to be

  • learner centered and should focus on ethic for the workplace- should not be too general - why? learners may loose focus.
  • should cover all unit areas so that learners know what to expect of the entire unit topis
  • SUB-TOPIC:needs to build in content so that activities and assessement will be based on according to the objectives.
  • Activities-- the ten Pictures used for learning activities should reflect the working environment to enable the learner to examine what is happening versus what is ethical in the workplace.
  • Content - need to be filled in so that lesson activities, assessements, readings and reflection will be drawn from. and as well the activities build into the content... example incoorperate ethics into the activities

Also additional skills or techniques be intergrated in to the role play

USE OF TERMS: - preknowledge/ reflection - does not tie to the activities/ content -need to be clear - Give more specific instructions as to what they must do; need to be reflected in the content

The overall learning outcome - some activities do not demonstrate the learners achieving of certain planned outcomes so needs to be relooked at.


Introduction is good - see the build up on this to improve on unit2, so is the objectives and content, however you need to consider putting more activities.

Anyway, you go girls!! good job so far!! Congratulation!! keep going.....

Cheers Group 3

Group 5,

You have done a great job of the Module Overview. it has a lot of valuable information on Job search and securing employment: so valuable that much of it can be used as Introduction / Rationale in the unit 1.

Overview - There seemed to be little about the other units - Ethic in the Workplace and Public Relations - in the Module Overview, so far. We recommend that paragraphs 1 and 5 could remain in the Overview.

Unit 1 - The Units are going to be very exciting as paragraph 2 is excellent content for Topic 1, paragraph 3 for Topic 2 and pararaph 4 for Topic 3. All that is needed is exciting activities to enable the learner to actualise the skills and attitudes.

Outcomes - These were very well written. However, please revisit: 1. Learners will be able to use................employment. 2. The outcomes mostly dealt with unit 1 and there was one for unit 2; none for unit 3.

Keep up your good work: we look forward to reading the completed work.

Love and light, Group 4

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