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Initial thoughts ....

Hi Fee -

Had a brief look and am happy with the content outline. This may need a few minor tweaks to accommodate the wiki environment - but I'll add further thoughts on this discussion page once I've thought about this more carefully. For example - in the wiki environment we would not necessarily constitute a team in the traditional sense. The team is made up of different roles (eg content expert, LD etc.) - Theses roles may join the development at any phase - its open.

I think it will be valuable to think about different users or different ways people come into the process. For example:

  1. A lecturer comes into WikiEducator and immediately starts authoring a page without consulting the design process tuturials. That's fine we want to get early drafts up as soon as possible. A more experienced wikieducator user sees this and adds a boiler plate template for the design phase of the project which links to the resources you're developing. The template may say - this needs a content outline or media is not specified or whatever.
  2. There may be other users that prefer to start with the design tutorials before they start authoring. So we need to cater for both audiences. Not easy - but I'm sure we'll come up with a creative solution.

I'm also thinking about concrete outputs which represent completion of specific phases - this may include:

  • Description of the intended audience
  • Content outline of the materials to be developed
  • Media selection.

The idea is if we can observe an output - then its easier for the community to say - This phase is completed and attach the relevant template.

Collectively these sub-elements constitute a design plan (the wiki version of the blueprint idea - but more cryptic and less detail.)

Fiona said: <<While at the bootcamp and since returning I’ve been thinking….and I believe what I’m suggesting now really does make use of the wiki. I realised as I was observing the activity at the bootcamp, the focus is still on the content – and that’s exactly what I was doing! Don’t we want to try and avoid that in this instance? I see time dictating a need to get some materials up there within the process section, but if we just do that , we’re not really using the wiki, right?>>

Without getting too academic <smile> - this is a tough educational question relating to the dynamic relationship between content (what we teach) and form (how we teach it). However I think the wiki environment can achieve what is so difficult to achieve in a conventional design setting - namely a truly recursive design and development scenario. Its OK to get rough drafts up and using wiki tools we integrate process in a more recursive way. Does this make sense? The wiki is also more flexible in the sense that you don't have to start at point A. You can start at point D, go directly to A and then do C and then B. If you know what I'm saying. Another content expert may use another sequence. However - at the end of the day we all get A, B, C, & D done using our own approaches. This what we have to try and get right.

I like your approach - we need to find the balance. A little content linked to process features in the wiki (eg the templates).

Cheers --Mackiwg 01:28, 31 March 2007 (CEST)

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