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Do you think that this topic should include self-evaluation, peer and learner feedback in the evaluation methods? If so we need more detail about teacher observation. We could link to it from the planning and facilitation pages.

  • If we have a section on self-evaluation, we can be more specific about the type of questions that the teacher can ask her/himself - the Signposts resource gives some good examples that could be listed on our page. *** There is a link to the evaluation section of signposts under 'extra resources'
  • Teacher observation - more specific information about the purpose of this and how to go about it. *** Added these links to 'facilitation methods' as that is where teacher observation is introduced and covered
This resource from Vic has some good suggestions -
University of Minnesota - Peer Observation Guidelines and Recommendations might be useful.
  • Informal evaluation versus formal evaluation - have tried to describe these different types of evaluation for getting feedback before the section about Surveys.
See what you think. ****Good - ta!
Have emphasised the importance of obtaining formal feedback early on - it was previously mentioned near the end in relation to the portfolio for this course - too late.
  • * USQ Other evaluation tools - methods for collecting informal and formal feedback without using surveys looks very useful.
added this resource for Informal feedback - include - Stop, Start, Continue - See:
  • I feel that any approach that is not suitable for evaluation of a single session should be left out. For example, the images of course evaluation survey questions. Rationale for using a survey or group discussion for gathering feedback for the portfolio is good. ***Have removed these images and reworded the section on survey methods

Whaddya reckon?--Bronwynh 01:47, 20 September 2013 (UTC)

Bronwynh (talk)13:36, 20 September 2013