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Need to change url017:36, 26 September 2018
Pathway for this learning challenge117:34, 26 September 2018

Need to change url

Ask Wayne how to change the url for this page (and the next) to remove 'v2', but without over-writing Introduction to entrepreneurship/IENT101/Small business/Start which still exists just as a redirect to Introduction to entrepreneurship/IENT101/Small business/Startv1.

Simonne w (talk)17:36, 26 September 2018

Pathway for this learning challenge

Does this LC sit well in 'The Nature of Entrepreneurship'? SWOT analysis seems to be another planning tool, like market research, so may sit better in 'Before Starting your Own Business'.

Simonne w (talk)15:33, 18 September 2018

Agreed with Claire Goode to move this to Small Business pathway - use as learning challenge applied to local small business instead of more general discussion of advantages and disadvantages of local small business.

Simonne w (talk)17:34, 26 September 2018