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Here are some links morning session discussion 1-3pm discussion session 3-4.30pm technology session to the audio recording of our heywire8 think tank 08_08_22 sessions.

here is the audio minutes guide 1. Heywire8 Think tank Friday 22nd August Otago Polytechnic Council Room 10.00 - 5.30

Morning.Getting started -- the groundwork 0:0 Mihi Welcome Robin Day: Waiata: Mihi Mark Laws

9.30 Robin Day: Reflections on implementing an open content IP policy: A quantum shift for sustainable education; Intellectual Property: technology transfer: copyright

10:30 Dr Wayne Mackintosh Opening message from the Commonwealth of Learning (COL) How WikiEducator will support you in achieving your objectives; international collaborations: innovation.

11:00-12:00 Question and answer; Discussion: TANZ: Contestable OER funds: International resource allocation: intellectual property and copyright: Patent: around the table introductions 12:00 Question and answer [1:12] Discussion: primary schools; Economic knowledge management; collaboration using conventions, used in open educational resources to facilitate their reuse. Simple content is not enough, we need enough semantic information to be able to unlock, repurpose, and redeploy to prmote content value and re-uesable modules; market model; OIL Online Information Literacy; Digital Information Literacy; wikieducator; Danny Wolters MOE knowledge management;

12.00-12.30 Why should we do this? What's in it for us? Developing a Draft Plan of Action: Identifying the action steps by articulating a national value proposition for collaboration on OER New Zealand. [2:06] Leigh Blackall OER wiki template; participatory wikiversity student generated content [2:12] Richard Wylie introduces Open educational resources. Reusable skins [2:20] Massey University terry Stuart co-ordinator for e-learning guidelines for NZ ; mini projects TKI Unforseen circumstances: “An unethical Adventure”... rich media code. [2:28] Ako Aotearoa Public Domain: copyright tensions and contradictions of Public funding and individual copyright ownership; creative commons debate

Afternoon: Engagement phase, ongoing 1:00pm [0:12] Facilitator Plenary report back on the value proposition Bronwyn Hegarty course content materials and OER student participant course conteent & construction: student generated open educational resources.

1:30pm [018] What are we going to do and how will we do it? Categorized group work: Strategy and policy; Advocacy and capability development; Supporting OER wiki technologies; Waynd Mackintosh Apprenticeship model of training staff in collaborative; Keith tyler-Smith iterative software model analogy for OER module; peer review; [0:23 ] Peer review TANZs; community of practice; scalability challenges; network resources;

2:20pm [0:43] Plenary report back and discussion Leigh Blackall National Co-ordination Strategy; National library; Bluehost link to University of Canturbury; economic models; copyright; Intellectual Property; national strategies include school sectors ( Warrington School) 3:30-4-3-Group reflection; peer review TANZ; network neutrality; Telcose; open network delivery;Wiki publication Text Book collaboration Ruth Lawson;[1:21] Danny Wolton production models OER, economic model; [1:27] Otago Polytechnic Facilitating online communities; certification; reuseability; NZ collaboration Facilitating online communities: Free access; hosting formal and informal participation; resourcing and certification costs; summary; TEC ringfences a proportion of contestable funds same as British Colombian model; 1:42 Economic model of multiple funding sources; Ako Aotearoa.

Questions of Engagement: What are the milestones? When should they be achieved? Who will help? Wayne Makintosh & the TO DO list; eFest; Green Party; learning objects and repositries; google developing OER search engine; [0:20]Otago Polytechnic Intellectual Porperty

policy; Open course strategy; student and schools collaborations student assn; COL re-uses Funding for MIT through Human Foundation (Hewlet Packard); [0:31] copyright policy change throughout other NZ institutions; university of Otago copyright policy; debate copyright of course materials; individuals or institutions responsibility and the public domain; default to creative commons; who is interested to help in writing a think tank report collaboration for efest and forward plans for Heywire8.

When should they be achieved?

Who will help? [0:43] Wayne Mackintosh to create log of TO DO list on discussion page in wikieducator; comfort levels Robin Day Comments and thoughts about implementation plans; Concluding thanks and remarks.

Technology session: Nuts and bolts session for participants interested in technology related issues; Wayne Mackintosh, Jim Tittsler and Brent Simpson- WikiEducator:

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