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Learning needs of children who dropout of school at primary and post-primary levels022:38, 4 May 2009

Learning needs of children who dropout of school at primary and post-primary levels

DISCUSSION TOPIC choose one topic and share your views with me?

In our Discussion links you are invited to contribute to our efforts in adressing the challenges of high dropout rates in Uganda since the introduction of UPE in 1997 ? Topics of discussions

In your view with such high rates of dropouts in the country(you may discuss in relation to your country), will

  • Will your country achieve the Millenium development goals by 2015?

All children atleast finishing a primary level course

  • In your view where do you think these children go once they are out of school ?
  • Who is in charge of their learning needs?
  • What concern do you have for the girl child who are forced for marriages and are forced out of school ?
  • There are no track records of dropouts in uganda either by the ministry of education or districts, (what is the case in your country)

what should be done (Early Family Childhood Care and Education) is the answer ?

What should be done by government and other stakeholders ?



Do you think the donor community has adressed this area of dropouts in your home country?

What can you do /contribute towards this area of research/concern ?

You can send us your discussions on our discussion link or email

how best can we develop this link ?

you are welcome

Maseruka (talk)22:38, 4 May 2009