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Strategies for creating engagement016:43, 11 October 2012
How localised should this be?008:13, 15 June 2012
Timeline for resource107:44, 15 June 2012

Strategies for creating engagement

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We've got a pretty good set of resources here. What I think we're missing are things to make the resource engaging. A couple of thoughts I had were:

  • videos (CC-licenced of course) that we can drop into pages. CCANZ has got a good one I'll try to find.,
  • Activities for people to complete. Perhaps a task per page, or a set of activities to complete to say you've completed the Digital Citizenship Start Kit? Training wheels?
  • A vocab list on one page? Commonly used terms? We could then create a self-marking quiz in WE to test it.

Other ideas for engagement?

Can we add a section for staff training that maybe links to

Mosborne01 (talk)07:58, 15 June 2012

How localised should this be?

We've got a few resources in here that are quite specific to NZ-Aotearoa- elearning planning framework, myportfolio etc. Is that how we want to go, or do we want to make it more global, presenting NZ resources where appropriate?

Mosborne01 (talk)08:13, 15 June 2012

Timeline for resource

Hi there,

I am looking to have a draft ready for staff early next term, but if we can get the WE version up and running I would like to use this from day one rather than replicating it all over the show. Do we need to make a bit of a strategic plan, or should I just keep going on the Google Doc version??



Claireamosnz (talk)06:58, 15 June 2012

As I've copied and pasted most of the GDoc content across, I think we should use the WE version. Happy to help build things up to meet your deadline, as well as get you up and running so you can add your own content. We'll be able to get something pretty slick done easily before next term.

Mosborne01 (talk)07:44, 15 June 2012