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Achal & Tobias - excellent paper covering a very complex topic. I was wondering about the inclusion of a subsection dedicated to free content. There is much confusion in the education world about free content and which licenses are appropriate. This could include a short summary of the core freedoms that are essential for free content. It could also include a summary of license recommendations by COL that would qualify as free content. I'm along the lines of Eriks work on the free content definition - see . What do you think? --Mackiwg 02:59, 27 October 2006 (CEST)

Hi Wayne - this is taken care of to the extent that it can be within this document (given that we're talking about copyright law which normally says nothing about licensing) - meaning that its place is really in national policy of all kinds, not copyright law. But the last section has 3 questions that deal with this, happy to talk it over at a later stage as necessary. (Achal)

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