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Strategies for getting announcements to CCCOER members013:35, 27 October 2010

Strategies for getting announcements to CCCOER members

Hi Geoff,

I just received the message below from the COT ning. It brings up a several questions for me:

1. How many of the CCCOER members (Primary contacts) are also COT participants? If there is a lot of overlap then they will have received this notice. If there is not, most CCCOER members will not know about these awards.

2. Is this the kind of news we want to broadcast to the membership? If so, have we figured out how to do it? I know you and Randy have been talking but so far I haven't been able to find any detailed conversations on the CCCOER wiki pages. I have checked out these two pages so far:

I think we need to continue to refine our communications strategy - please let me know how to keep up-to-date with your work so far and what medium you'd like me to use for input. I'm mindful of James' comment that he is not likely to read the wiki and my own experience of difficulty finding things on our wiki.

3. Has any thought or action been given (taken) on when and how to update the oerconsortium web site? Maybe such announcements should go there. When we start working on we are going to have to address the issue of who is invited to make "official" statements and announcements for CCCOER. Currently, Judy Baker and I have editing privileges on that site. I want to have a clearer idea of how we want to address both members and the public before I make any changes. My idea behind the Publicity Committee was that it would craft and authorize messages addressed to the public. I thought that the Communications Committee would handle messages addressed to the membership. Do you think this is workable? If not, can you think of some alternatives?

Please don't feel pressured by my questions. I'm sharing them as they occur to me with the understanding that it will take time for us to work out answers. Do you think we should continue this discussion on the wiki itself? I'll copy this email to the discussion tab on

Feel free to telephone me if you'd like to talk v-to-v.



Forwarded message ----------

From: OpenTextbookAdvocateTrainers <> Date: Mon, Oct 25, 2010 at 6:42 PM Subject: College Open Textbooks, KCTCS and Rio Salado win WOW awards To: "" <>

OpenTextbookAdvocateTrainers Learning Stream for College Campus OER Promoters A message to all members of OpenTextbookAdvocateTrainers

College Open Textbooks (COT) is one of four 2010 recipients of the prestigious WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technologies (WCET) WOW awards for innovative uses of educational technologies in higher education. Una Daly and Judy Baker will accept the award on behalf of COT Director Jacky Hood and the entire COT Collaborative at the awards ceremony in La Jolla, CA on November 12.

CCCOER members KCTCS and Rio Salado Community College District also received WOW awards.

For details see

Visit OpenTextbookAdvocateTrainers at:

Liza Loop (talk)13:35, 27 October 2010