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To know the reason behind the smoking habit of Tulsi Ram, we decided to have an interview with him and through some questions we came to know that Tulsi Ram was well aware that these are bad habits and injurious to our health, but due to some reasons he was badly indulged in these malpractice.


Main points that came in light during the interview with him were-

  • According to him, he gets energy from drinking alcohol and smoking bidi for doing the hard work.
  • He was suggested to take alcohol as a medicine to cure T.B.
  • Frustration of low income and large family size compelled him to take alcohol in order to reduce tension
  • RELIGIOUS BELIEF: Tulsi Ram had a malpractice of smoking chillum and he connected his smoking habit as a tribute to praise god.

After the completion of the interview we got to know that Tulsi Ram was chain smoker and an alcoholic as well, he was also used to smoke chillum and the main reason behind his malpractices were the frustration due to his low income, hard job, and large family size.


During our interview with him we got to know that he was a literate and well aware person, he knew all the bad effects of smoking and drinking alcohol but still he was indulged in these habits.

We suggested him to leave these malpractices, as he was himself aware and was not concerned about his health; therefore we tried to make him understand the consequences of passive smoking which the small children of his family were suffering from.


Tulsi Ram did not promised to leave the malpractices completely but he promised that he will try to reduce the smoking and drinking habits and even he promised that he will not smoke in front of his family members so that they may not suffer passively.