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File Naming Conventions

We use file naming conventions in Curriculum Services for syntactical consistency, which in turn supports file management and helps Production to identify how files should be organized.   

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Course Files

Name course files as follows:



ABCD1231 is the course code—the acronym and number.
  • Example: ENGL1061
TYPE is the type of document and could include a subdivision, such as the file’s number or letter:
  • CG = Course Guide
  • CU = Course Units (e.g. CU2)
  • CM = Course Modules (collected together as one file)
  • M = Module and number or letter (e.g., M1)
  • AS = Assignments (e.g., AS2)
  • MP = Major Project
  • PE = Practice Exam
  • MT = Midterm, Form #(e.g., MT_B)
  • EX = Final Exam, Form # (e.g., EX_A)
  • EX_AK=Final Exam Answer Key (e.g. EX_B_AK_B)
  • Q = Quiz, Form # (e.g., Q2)
  • OLFMG = Open Learning Faculty Member Guide
  • AK = Answer Key
  • RD = Reading(s)
  • SS = Style Sheet
DDMMYYYY is the date the file was last modified.
  • Example: 01SEP2013
IN is the initials of the person who last modified the file.
Do not add a file extension (e.g., docx) as this happens automatically.

Example of a named draft file:

  • ENGL1061_CU1_01SEP2013_ET.doc [all uppercase]
  • This is Course Unit 1 for English 1061: Written Communication, modified on April 1, 2013, by Eddy Tor.

Resource Files

Course naming conventions apply to main course components only.

For other course resources, such as readings, Excel files, PowerPoints, or images, we name the file with the following key elements:

  • Course acronym
  • Location in the course
  • A short relevant descriptor
  • Date
  • Your initials.

  • For example: APEC1671_MOD1_Title_of_reading_02OCT2013_ET

The descriptor must match the actual, verbatim title of the resource, though it can be a truncated version of said title.

Final Files

After course development and sign-off by the Course Lead, who sends the files to Production, Production renames the files:

  1. 1. DATE is changed to month and year only.
  2. 2. XXXXXX: the item number is added for print courses.
  3. 3. IN is dropped and FINAL is added.

Final versions of the file are held by Production.