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High Holidays

Rosh Hashana

My Rosh Hashana holiday was exhausting. I went to my aunts house for the main meal of the holiday and after we finished the meal I went with my friend for a walk. The second day I went for an evening meal to my uncle who live in Tel- Aviv, after the meal I to my friends house and we went to a horrible party in Tel Aviv's port. The last day of the holiday I went to a lunch at my aunts and after that I went to a friends house and I was ther till the night then I got back home and finally I went to sleep. :))


Yom Kippur




It's hard to stay focused and listen to people speaking while you're not interested in the things that they talk about. You feel bored and you start to think about other things, things that you find them interesting.

It's easier to concentrate when the people who's talking is on the screen. You find that more entertainment. You can listen and stay focus in the subject, if you ask some question or write notes while he is speaking. Everybody can hear but not everybody knows haw to listen, not everyone born with the ability to listen to other people.

You can learn haw to listen, you only need to really want that, because if you not really into this, you won't stay focus and you won't listen to them. I think it's important to know haw to listen because it will help you in the future, remember things that people said.