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1. OER Name
2. Category:
    Environmental Protection
3. Purpose of Project:
i. To create an awareness on the Environmental Act of Sri Lanka
ii. To provide knowledge about the scope, nature and objectives of Environmental Protection act as a Social Science discipline to Sri Lankans and Asians,
iii. To provide knowledge on different kinds of Environmental Protection Act,
iv. To provide knowledge on application and utility of Environmental Protection act in our own environment.
4. Target Audience
    • Sri Lankans and
    • Rest of the Asians
5. OER

                                                                                                     Envoirnment Law in Sri Lanka
Environment is defined in different contexts. Generally, environment means what is around us. Sri Lanka has more than eighty environmental laws. The Constitution of Sri Lanka, National environmental Act, Coast conservation Act and the Marine pollution prevention Act can be shown as the main statutes in this nature. Other than that, common law also protects our environment when it is needed.

Sri Lanka does not exercise many access to information laws. This is a major shortcoming for achieving better governance. Other than in the Environmental Impacts Regulations, no other law provides mandatory public participation in decision making process in environmental field. The marginalized communities are unable to bring the environmental as well as fundamental rights violations to the courts due to lack of awareness and inadequate legal aid when they suffer from denial of access to information and participation.
6. Compare the legal protection given to the environment of Sri Lanka with that of selected Asian countries by your choice considering web links given below?

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