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HandOut/Worksheet for CLASSROOM TEACHING

Classroom Teaching and Presention of lesson is very impotant in that it is where teachers have to show to students that he/she teacher is qualified to teach, contentwise about the subject he or she is teaching, bold and is organized and prepared to teach his/her students. A Teacher that does not have the qualities a Teacher should will only be radiculed by his/her students.

HandOuts and Worksheets is an approach used by teachers purposely to save time and thus allows students to read and comprehend for themselves what the aims and objectives of the lesson are as well as the lesson contents.

However, to give handOuts and Worksheets to students there are few contents the teacher needs to consider.

  • What is the aim of the handout?
  • Will I grade the Handout?
  • Will I go over the handout in class or grade it?
  • How much percentage will I give for handouts for the final grade?
  • Is my handout well prepared?
  • Do Students have enough information to tackle the subject matter of the handout?
  • Are the instructions crystal clear?
  • Do I want the students to finish the handout out at home at home or during the class time?
  • Do I want to give the students an answer key for the handout?
  • How much times do want to spend talking about the handout?
  • Do I pre teach the content of the handout?
  • Did I illustrate the task with an example?