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There are many things to do. They are called aftercare practices


Soil cover

Adequate water


Bush Managenent

Bunch covering

Bract removing




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  • In the dry zone soil is frequently dried up.
  • Therefore you have to save water in the land by covering the land You can use paddy straw.
  • Lay paddy straw 6 away from the plant as a circle
  • If you can lay paddy straw in whole cultivation field, that can be better.



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  • Water is frequently use by the plant for their growth and production of foods.
  • Therefore we have to supply water to fill their needs
  • Avoid supplying excess water as well as avoid no water supply. That is we called adequate water
  • Irrigation through drains


  • If you have a cannel near the field you can practice cannel irrigation through pumps or without pumps.
  • You can pump water and allow to flow over the field.


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  • If you have drains in the field you can fill water in to the drains. Then plants get water from it.
  • If you practice a micro irrigation, you can practice drip irrigation. This will reduce the water wastage


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  • Supply water near the plant only


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  • In the first month you should supply water once a day in afternoon.
  • After 1 month to 3 months use two days interval.
  • 3 months to 6 months 3-4 days interval.
  • 6 months to 12 months 5 days interval.


You can use chemical fertilizers or organic fertilizers

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Chemical fertilizers

  • Chemical fertilizers contain chemicals, Urea, Triple super phosphate(TSP),Murate of Potash(MOP) are the 3 components
  • Fertilizer mixtures vary according to the climatic zone.
Dry zone Intermediate zone Wet zone
Urea 60 g 60 g 55 g
T.S.P 40 g 40 g 75 g
M.O.P 125 g 125 g 95 g

  • After first month of cultivating, add the mixture

1 feet away from the plant as a circle.

  • After first month of cultivating, add the mixture

1 feet away from the plant as a circle.

  • After 3 months of cultivating , add the mixture

2 feets away from the plant as a circle.

  • After 3 months to 12 months, add the mixture

2 feets away from the plant as a circle within two months interval.

Fertilizer application after one month

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Fertilizer application after three months

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Fertilizer application after nine months

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Organic fertilizers

  • Organic fertilizers are prepared by natural components.
  • They are compost, cow dung, poultry manure or goat manure.
  • You can prepare compost by your self as mentioned earlier.
  • You should apply 5Kg for one bush in 3 months intervals


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  • Yes, there are so many
  • It is a low cost method. You can supply those by natural components
  • No harm to the environment
  • You can protect the water content in your soil
  • Activity of soil organism is increased. Then your soil become more fertile
  • The roots of the plant distribute easily
  • There are high demand for products getting by organic farming
  • Organic farming means growing of plants using organic fertilizers
  • No harm to the people

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Disadvantages of chemical fertilizers

  • Imbalance the nutrient level in the soil
  • Destroy soil organisms like earth warms
  • Destroy crops due to inefficient use of chemical fertilizers
  • Very expensive
  • Destroy environment rapidly
  • Badly affect on human health
  • Can form acidity conditions in the soil
  • Destroy soil texture
  • Reduce water holding capacity of the soil
  • Need skilled persons to apply chemical fertilizers
  • Need storage facilities

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  • To ensure proper growth and getting high yield.
  • Before fertilizing you should practice weeding and wet the soil.


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  • If there are large numbers of plants around the mother plant you can’t get high yield, due to lack of nutrients.
  • You should destroy all suckers emerge until 4 months.
  • After 4 months, you can maintain one sward sucker in the direction of sunlight.
  • When fruiting, you can maintain another healthy sward sucker in the direction of sunlight.
  • After 7-8 months from cultivating you can see fruiting of plants.

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  • When 1st hand appears you have to cover the bunch using 2 feets wide blue color polythene bags with holes.


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  • You can increase bunch weight from 18%-23% by covering.
  • Avoid thrips damage. Then there are not patches on the fruits.
  • Tied the bag 6// above from the 1st bunch.


  • Banana flower is an inflorescence.That means a bunch of flower. There are rows of flower and they are covered with bract.
  • In certain time bract is not opened for fertile
  • Then you have to remove the bract after opening the bunch completely.
  • The bract should be removed 15 cm below from the last hand.
  • You also have to remove 1st hand of the bunch.
  • Then you can ensure proper growth of other hands.

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