TEST Preparation Course/Create and Follow a Plan

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TEST Preparation Course/Create and Follow a Plan Section 1 {{Objective

Taking a test can be very stressful. One of the most important keys to reducing stress is by being prepared. I recommend that you start creating a plan. To create this plan you have to determine what test you are taking; find out as much information as you can about the test; know what your strengths and weaknesses are; know what materials or classes are available; create a list of things you need to learn and create a time-line.

Section 2 {{Activity

Answer the following questions: 1. What test are you thinking about or planning to take? When is this test scheduled? If you have not registered to take the test, find out when you can take it.

2. Have you read the published material about the test? If so, what types of questions are being asked?

3. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

4. How are you preparing for the test? 4a Are there any preparation courses? 4b Are you going to take it? How long is it? 4c If you are not taking a course, how much time do you think you will need to prepare yourself to take the test?

5. Who do you know that has already taken the test? 6. Create a questionnaire and ask the questions to the people you know. Take notes. }}

Section 3 {{Activity

Start creating your plan. The plan should include: 1. The name of the test you are planning to take; 2. Published information including: brochures, informational booklets, addresses of web pages,

  comments from people you know that have already taken the test.

3; From you list of strengths and weaknesses and the information you have gathered about the test,

  create a list of things you should study.

4. From the information you have gathered start creating a time-line.}}


Congratulations! You have just started to create your time-line. The time-line will regularly be updated and more things will be added.