Language and Understanding Integrated Sense-making (LUIS) Lesson Experience

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LUIS Lesson Experience

The LUIS Lesson Experience is meant to facilitate how one plans and reflects around a particular educational challenge. The goal is to openly share successes and failures of one's teaching and/or learning experiences with colleagues and those successes and failures ultimately led to a change in either behaviors or opinions.

Lesson Plan

  • Date:
  • Level:
  • Unit/theme:
  • Standards:
  • Understanding(s):

  • Language Objective(s):

  • Key Vocabulary:

  • Materials:

Learning progression

Include the sequence of events that transpired during the learning process.


  • Considering how your lesson plan addresses an educational challenge with regard to preparation, scaffolding, grouping configurations, etc.) and how this challenge is associated with a change in behavior, opinions, and/or attitude that took place today/this week/this month?
  • How did (or could) your personal learning network contribute to this change in behavior, beliefs, and/or attitude?