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Research Consent Form

I am voluntarily participating in activities referenced in this website and understand that some or all of my contributions may be used as part of a doctoral research study.

My participation includes completing a questionnaire detailing my thoughts and opinions of the material I look at, and having my actions observed and noted on an observation sheet, from a respectful distance. I understand that I am one of a number of users who will complete this usability testing.

I understand that I can withdraw at any time and have the information provided in my questionnaire or observation sheets removed entirely from the results. This decision will not affect me in any manner.

I understand that all gathered data will be kept confidential to the extent provided by confidentiality policies of the ________________________________________ and that any and all references to information about me or my information will be kept anonymous except for the purposes of feeding back to the appropriate team members for improvements to the system. My name or opinions will not be published in any public document without my permission. The results of any tests that I take during the course of this testing are for testing and research purposes only and will have no impact on current courses that I am undertaking – either for benefit or for loss.

For any questions relating to this testing, I may contact:

[___________________________________________] [_____________________________________________]

We foresee no risks in participating in this study. Although we cannot guarantee any direct benefits, we hope that your participation will prove to be an enjoyable experience.

I understand that my rights to privacy will be protected during this testing and that the information I give or that is collected during the testing will only be used by the testing group to help them improve their work with the materials I am testing for them.


Signature: _________________________