Personal Goal Setting (PGS) Boilerplate

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Who are you as a teacher/learner?

Questions to consider:

  • What is your educational philosophy?
  • How do you learn best and how does this influence your own teaching?

What is your personal outcome challenge (POC)?

A personal outcome challenge (POC) is some change in behavior, teaching practice, attitude, and/or belief that you yourself experience.

Questions to consider:

  • What is a POC that you would like to focus on this semester (i.e., over the next four months)?

What evidence is needed to succeed?

Questions to consider:

  • What will success look like? Be idealist yet realistic.

What kind of support will you seek/do you need?

Questions to consider:

  • How will you reach out to others (i.e., develop your own personal learning network) in order to receive the support you need to achieve your POC? For example, I will join "X" community so that I can learn ways to use Moodle in the classroom.
  • What subskills or enabling knowledge do you need in order to reach out to others? For example, I need to know how to find an online community that discusses ways to use Moodle in the classroom.

What will you do to meet your POC?

Think about milestones or benchmarks that you can set for yourself so that you can measure your own progress. Have a plan and stick to it. This may mean dedicating a certain amount of time each week or establishing a place where you can work more productively towards your POC.


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