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Transdisciplinary Learning

Transdisciplinary Learning is a model which incorporates related ideas from different curriculum areas in one unit of study. At Nelson Central we use the SAUCE model of Inquiry Learning as our vehicle for transdisciplinary learning.

Inquiry Learning

Inquiry learning is an approach that provides learners opportunities to actively develop skills that enable them to locate, gather, analyse, critique and apply information in a wide range of contexts. as they develop understanding. http://ictnz.com/Inquiry%20Learning/inquirydefinition.htm

The Strengths of Inquiry learning include that it is: Student-centred; Based around a worthy problem, question, idea, conflict or issue; Incorporates thinking and research skills; Learners are required to apply their learning in an authentic context.

Why is Inquiry learning appropriate? Knowledge is changing rapidly. It is no longer possible just to transfer information because of its volume and changing relevance and authenticity. Lifelong learners need to be able to locate and use information to solve problems they might face.

SAUCE Model - The SAUCE model identifies specific stages of the Inquiry Learning process.

S - Setting the scene …It provides a context for the learning, and involves initial interaction with the task and identification of prior knowledge.

A - Acquire … Acquiring information (& validating it).

U – Use … Application of the knowledge in the context of the task.

C – Communicate … Presentation of the result.

E – Evaluate … Evaluation of process.

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