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Year 1 – Plan for Blended Learning ICT PD Project
Regional Educational Southern Central Divide

    1. Skills Development

I intend to use combined web 2.0 technologies and investigate the possibility of structuring a class area within moodle which integrates with our current existing Intranet system “sharePoint”. This will require me to identify the advantages and disadvantages of each system before making any decisions. (Including online reflective journals with restricted views and access and assessment drop boxes) Other tools regarding what intranet system that I am intending to use will be the use of E-Portfolios using the Mahara system, blogs and wikis and also podcasts or vodcasts for instructional material to be used outside of the classroom. I would like to ensure that I also get into best practice within any unit of work I develop by making this a public resource through using publishing tools within Wiki Educator.

1.1 Requirements

Time to investigate and evaluate all tools with practice to gain an understanding of which tool to use for what.

2.0 Choice of Unit of work

I wish for my unit of work that I use blended learning with to be a project based assessment.

The project based assessment must include the following considerations – ensuring that students studying this unit of work are not school leavers i.e. year 13 as choosing a lower senior year level will enable me to teach tools to students that can continue the following year in another project.

2.1 Requirements

Time allocation included within my unit planning to ensure that these students are taught tools effectively.

3.0 Accessibility/School Structure

3.1 Report

Establish outline of survey/report

Produce written report pending results of my survey

3.2School Principal

Support from principal will be required through awarenesss of what the current project needs are, out of class time allocated to myself to develop resources and complete school wide investigation as part of this project. This will be done both by report back to OS regarding the course outline and content and support from T.Storr; e learning principal which will include a collaborative principals day within the area.


Meeting will be required to deliver initial communication with regards to project overall and also to re-establish and confirm and clarify the ideas behind blended learning. Individual meetings with selected staff with consideration of putting together the survey/report. Discussion at mu holder level with regards to approaching BOT with regards to changing ethos of school for collaborative learning and sharing of open resources/copyright.

3.3IT Steering committee

Investigation of restrictions/access for students through our network

3.4Access to staff for Interviews

4.0Integration into IT PD Cluster

4.1Ongoing professional development workshops to cover three

topics to all staff –

  • Blended learning Tools - (Essentially not only skills based workshops for web 2.0 online tools but to discuss/establish fitness for purpose with using tools – i.e. what for what job; when to use and not to use etc.) – Delivered collaboratively with B Morris at Craighead for TGHS,TBHS and Craighead
  • Communication of project – (regular updates on Thursday morning PD sessions – to own school) so all staff gain an understanding of what is happening within the project and the importance of “Coming on board”
  • Future focus – become wiki educators and open source sharing of resources – Delivered collaboratively with B Morris at Craighead for TGHS, TBHS and Craighead