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B. Tech. – Semester I


Course Code: ECS101 L T P C

3 2 0 4

Objective: The objective is to know the basics of computers & C programming language.

Course Contents:

Unit I

Concepts in Computer & Programming; Computer Appreciation: Definition of Electronic Computer, History, Generations, Characteristic and Application of Computers, Classification of Computers, Computer Hardware, CPU, RAM/ROM, Various I/O devices, Peripherals, Storage Media, Software Definition, Role and Categories, Firmware and Human ware. (Lectures 08)

Unit II

Programming Language Classification & Program Methodology; Computer Languages: Generation of Languages, Translators, Interpreters, Compilers, Flow Charts, Dataflow Diagram, Assemblers, Introduction to 4GLs, Software Development Methodology, Life Cycles, Software Coding, Testing, maintenance.

Digital Devices and Basic Network Concepts; Digital Fundamentals: Various codes, decimal, binary, hexadecimal conversion, floating point numbers, Need for Data Transmission over distances, Types of Data Transmission, Media for Data Transmission (UTP, Optical, and Wireless).

Data Communication & Networks: Computer Networks, Networking of computers- Introduction of LAN and WAN. Network Topologies, Basic Concepts in Computer Networks, Client-server Architecture, and Mobile Communication. (Lectures 08)

Unit III

Internet and Web Technologies; Internet & World Wide Web: Hypertext Markup Language, DHTML, WWW, Gopher, FTP, Telnet, Web Browsers, Net Surfing, Search Engines, Email.

(Lectures 08)

Unit IV

Concepts in Operating System, Office Tools and Data Management; Introductory concepts in operating system & Data Management: Elementary Concepts in Operating System, textual Vs GUI Interface, Introduction to DOS, MS Windows, MS office Tools, MS WORD, MS EXCEL, MS Power Point. (Lectures 08)

Unit V

IT Industry Trends, Careers and Applications in India Basic Awareness of NICNET and ERNET. Application of IT to Areas like E Commerce, electronic governance, Multimedia, and Entertainment.

Information Representation: Introduction to Information representation in Digital Media, Text, image, graphics, Animation, Audio, Video etc.,, Introduction to JPEG, MPEG, MHEG, MP3 & AVI (Lectures 08)

Text Books

1. Yadav, D S, Foundations of IT, New Age, Delhi

2. Curtin, Information Technology: Breaking News, Tata McGraw Hill

3. Rajaraman, Introduction to Computers, Prentice-Hall India

Reference Books

1. Nelson, Data Compression, BPB.

2. Peter Nortans, Introduction to Computers, TME

3. Leon & Leon, Fundamental of Information Technology, Vikas Publishing

4. Kanter, Managing Information System,

5. CIS Tems, Internet: An Introduction, Tata McGraw Hill