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This is a brief description of swimming

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An activity that is performed in an aquatic environment. It is movement of the muscular system in water.

Considerations before swimming

  1. The weather condition
  2. Physical Fitness of the athlete
  3. Condition of the water
  4. Availability of a lifeguard
  5. Availability of life saving equipment


Types of swimming strokes

  1. Front crawl
  2. Back stroke
  3. Breast stroke
  4. Side Stroke
  5. Butterfly.

Rules and Regulations

The following rules must be observed by all the students around the swimming pool.

  1. No running around the pool
  2. Eating is prohibited at the pool.
  3. Always obey the lifeguard on duty
  4. Dive only when the area is clear and must be one person at a time.