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circle of people

Image courtesy of PLCMC training account


To practice cooperation through communication


Group reflection exercise (20 minutes)


This activity can be done outside in the fresh air! Or in a classroom

  • Get the whole class into a circle in the middle of the room
  • Form a circle with arms out, just overlapping
  • Put the arms down then walk towards the middle of the room
  • When they are all squashed in the middle have them hold hands with someone on the other side of the circle. Different alternate hands is are essential
  • Then slowly stretch the circle out
  • Recap 10 minutes - Break into groups of 4 and discuss the key characteristics of a ‘successful team’. What helped them to unravel? What were the ‘success factors’? Write them down on a whiteboard, have a discussion.

The aim: to unravel the circle! To be standing as they were at the beginning of the activity.

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