Sustainable practice 1/carbohydrate game

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To refresh on how a carbohydrate is produced, by what and what that means to our species



  1. Create a set of circular cards that each represent a molecule from the elements that are needed to make up a carbohydrate
  2. Provide a number of tooth picks
  3. Ask students to make as many CO2 and H2O (carbon dioxide and water) molecules as they can using the toothpicks to connect the carbon, oxygen and hydrogen molecules in a way that creates CO2 and H20. NB. Everyone circular card you have created should be used up
  4. Ask them then to create this carbohydrate molecule structure
  5. Ask them what it is that they have created and what is left over? What is the vital element need to achieve this molecule in real life? - The Sun! Provide a card that represents the sun.
  6. Then discuss how this carbohydrate is produced in real life. What does this mean to our species and how we operate in the natural world.

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