Sustainable Tourism/Activities/Wolgan Valley Resort - Answer Sheet

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Learning Outcome 2 - Identify and analyse existing practices of sustainability within the tourism industry

Learning Outcome 3 - Discuss and evaluate the implementation of sustainable practices for all sectors of tourism


Analyse existing practices of sustainabilty


Built adjacent to a World Heritage area, Wolgan Valley Resort and Spa is the first hotel in the world to be internationally accredited as carbon neutral - using the concepts of sustainable tourism answer the following questions using an essay format:

  • Provide a background description of the Emirates Wolgan Valley Resort and Spa;its location and environs

Homestead, Indigenous and Settlement history described and its location - adjacent to world heritage area the Blue Mountains. 190km from Sydney - a three hour drive or 45 minutes by helicopter flight.

  • What makes the resort so popular? Who are its clients?

products and service location commitments to sustainability in particular heritage and conservation clients - upper income earners, those who participate in the luxury market, family groups, business (conference and events)wedding parties, honeymooners, those seeking outdoor activities as offered

  • Describe Wolgan Valley Resort's unique environmental/heritage features along with any environment or sustainability certifications?

Awards listed, and environment/heritage features described

  • Describe the resorts accommodation and dining products/services? Outlining any any specific sustainability features?

local products used in construction of resort - rooms wood (renewable resource) local stone, gardens of native plants and shrubs bathroom therapies 100% biodegradable Spa products and services - natural and chemical free regional and seasonal food used

  • How do the outdoor pursuits available - on-site and off-site incorporate sustainability concepts?

conservation hour - describes practices at resort

nature walks

cater to guests special interests etc. birdwatching, botanist

specialist guide

historic/cultural tours offered

Due: Monday, March 10 (emailed to me by 9am)