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Learning Outcome 2 - Identify and analyse existing practices of sustainability within the tourism industry

Learning Outcome 3 - Discuss and evaluate the implementation of sustainable practices for all sectors of tourism


Analyse existing practices of sustainabilty


Built adjacent to a World Heritage area, Emirates Wolgan Valley Resort and Spa is the first hotel in the world to be internationally accredited as carbon neutral - using the concepts of sustainable tourism answer the following:

  • Provide a background description of the Emirates Wolgan Valley Resort and Spa; its location and environs
  • Who are its clients?
  • Describe the resorts unique environmental/heritage features and how have these been recognised?
  • What are the areas unique cultural features and how have these become part of the Wolgan Valley experience?

Your answer should be in the form of presentation incorporating an introduction, body and conclusion. All work must be correctly referenced and spelling and grammar checked.

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