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Creation of an A2 Poster (Information sheet)

Learning outcomes in Sustainable Tourism - (LO 2, 4)

Created in conjunction with Exploring Tourism (LO 2,5)


In pairs create an A2 Poster (template below) following the criteria listed below:

Choose one Ngai Tahu tourism business and in 800 words (approx):

  • Provide a description of the business (background, location, core business activities)
  • List the businesses products/services
  • Describe how these Ngai Tahu values; Manaakitanga, Kaitiakitanga and Rangitiratanga are incorporated into your chosen tourism business and describe a sustainable practice used in the business, which supports each of the values

Ensure you complete the following:

  • reference at least one academic source (not the internet) which helps to support information you have used and ensure all other sources are referenced (this can be an accompanying document)
  • include at least four graphics (pictures, graphs, tables)and include a hyperlink to the business website
  • present your poster as a professional document
  • email to your lecturer (as a PDF) by Monday, April 4 at 5pm
  • print the poster (Uni print) and hand it into your lecturer on Tuesday, April 5 by 3pm.