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Te Papa

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Learning Outcome (1-3)


What makes a successful tourism business


Positively Wellington Tourism has increased its share of the domestic market over the past 10 years - by doubling the average hotel occupancy of between 30-40% in the 1990's and since 2007 it has continued to build on this increase.

How have they done this?

Initially through continued collaboration with the Wellington City Council and leveraging on that investment through private partnerships with Air New Zealand, Te Papa and 22 Wellington hotels and their various marketing campaigns including "Have a Love Affair with Wellington".

Thereby forfiling Outcome 2 of the New Zealand Tourism Strategy 2015 - Tourism is prosperous and attracts ongoing investment.

Using the criteria listed below, describe how the Regional Tourism Organisation has done the following - look at all their marketing campaigns for examples:

1. Focus on maximising profit and maintaining the long-term success of the business by:

  • using resources such as staff, capital and energy more efficiently
  • developing quality products that are highly valued by visitors and that can be priced accordingly
  • planning and marketing effectively, including investing in quality accreditation and environmental sustainability initiatives
  • implementing business solutions to increase demand across the shoulder seasons and the off season so that assets are used more often and staff can be retained
  • compete successfully for an appropriately skilled and knowledgeable workforce
  • compete successfully in the international marketplace

Due: Thursday - August 25, 2011

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