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The following is the classroom contract developed by the student group Green Up SMC from Saint Michael's College in Colchester, Vermont, USA.

To make this a paperless contract, students and faculty are welcome to sign this contract using their Wikieducator user name. Simply page down to your class, edit, sign as follows: ~~~~ and remember to save.

The Sustainable Classrooms Contract at Saint Michael's College

We at Green Up SMC and the Environmental Council believe that is essential for professors and students to practice sustainable living habits within the academic environment. When we make these habits a part of the higher education learning process, we trust they will carry over into students’ and professors’ daily lives. We propose that each student and professor sign on to the Sustainable Classrooms Contract for each of their courses. If a professor chooses to sign on to the contract, then they will present the contract to their students on the first day of class. As a student, it is your responsibility to suggest the contract to your professors. After committing, it is up to both parties (professor and student) to self-enforce the contract. The goal of the Sustainable Classrooms Contract is to advance the culture of sustainability at Saint Michael's College.

Primary Initiatives

  1. No disposable containers allowed in the classroom (i.e. paper coffee cups and plastic water bottles). Instead, students and professors should consider bringing their own reusable mugs, bottles, or food containers.
  2. Always participate in recycling by using the correct bins within the classrooms (no matter what shape or size; blue is always the recycling bin).
  3. Use both sides of notebook paper.
  4. Print double-sided whenever possible.
  5. Limit the use of paper handouts, through the use of electronic programs, including but not limited to eCollege and e-mail.
  6. Insure all lights are turned off when not in use and upon leaving the classroom.

Secondary Initiatives

  1. Limit the number of lights used in the classroom.
  2. Use alternative means of transportation when going to and from class, including but not limited to walking, the CCTA bus, the campus shuttle and/or bicycles.
  3. Explore options to more efficiently use paper in type-written assignments (adjust margins and font, 1-1.5 spacing).
  4. Allow students to turn in assignments via electronic sources.
  5. Weave environmental themes such as global climate change, resource depletion, drinking water scarcity and food security into course curriculum when possible.
  6. Emphasize the importance of small scale efforts and initiatives (such as this contract) in the larger environmental movement. The small stuff is important!
  • Note that all sustainability initiatives are suggestions; each class can modify the contract to best fit their needs while still staying true to the purpose of this initiative. However, we at Green Up and the Environmental Council feel that the items listed under Primary Initiatives are the most essential in staying true to the purpose of this Sustainable Classrooms Contract.


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