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Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3
Descriptive level of reflection

What … … is the problem/difficulty/ reason for being stuck/reason for feeling bad/reason we don’t get on/etc., etc.?

… was my role in the situation?

… was I trying to achieve?

… actions did I take?

… was the response of others?

… were the consequences • for the patient? • for myself? • for others?

… feelings did it evoke • in the patient? • in myself? • in others?

… was good/bad about the experience?

Theory - and knowledge - building level of reflection

So what … … does this tell me/teach me/imply/mean about me/my patient/others/our relationship/my patient’s care/the model of care I am using/my attitudes/my patient’s attitudes/etc., etc.?

… was going through my mind as I acted?

… did I base my actions on?

… other knowledge can I bring to the situation? • experiential • personal • scientific

… could/should I have done to make it better?

… is my new understanding of the situation?

… broader issues arise from the situation?

Action-orientated (reflexive) level of reflection

Now what …

… do I need to do in order to make things better/stop being stuck/improve my patient’s care/resolve the situation/feel better/get on better/etc., etc.?

… broader issues need to be considered if this action is to be successful?

… might be the consequences of this action?