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First Year Courses

PHYS 111 Mechanics and Properties of Matter

PHYS 112 Thermal Physics and Properties of Matter

PHYS 119 Experimental Physics

PHYS 115 Modern Physics

PHYS 123 Waves and Optics

PHYS 124 Electricity and Magnetism

PHYS 125 Atomic and Nuclear Physics

PHYS 129 Experimental Physics

Second Year Courses

PHYS 211 Classical Mechanics

PHYS 212 Thermodynamics

PHYS 213 Modern Physics

PHYS 214 Mathematical Physics

PHYS 216 Basic Computer Hardware

PHYS 219 Experimental Physics

PHYS 223 Waves and Acoustics

PHYS 224 Electricity and Magnetism

PHYS 225 Atomic and Nuclear Physics

PHYS 228 Mathematical Physics

PHYS 229 Experimental Physics

Third Year Courses

PHYS 311 Analytical Mechanics

PHYS 315 Environmental Physics

PHYS 317 Computational Physics

PHYS 318 Mathematical Physics

PHYS 319 Experimental Physics

PHYS 322 Fourier Optics

PHYS 329 Experimental Physics

Fourth Year Courses

PHYS 411 Introduction to Quantum and Statistical Mechanics

PHYS 412 Statistical Mechanics

PHYS 414 Solid State Physics

PHYS 419 Experimental Physics

PHYS 424 Computer Programming

PHYS 426 Radiation Physics

PHYS 405 Project

PHYS 403G Physics of Telecommunications

PHYS 403D Astronomy and Astrophysics

PHYS 403B Geophysics

PHYS 429 Physics in Society and Development

Postgraduate Courses

All Postgraduate Courses go here