Summary of Day Twelve Activities

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Date: 27/03/2007.


The day started as usual with house keeping anouncements. The group had to complete work on the last six topics on ODL materials design.

At midday

The participants honoured the invitation for lunch. It was hosted by the deputy director, Mr Chua Teng Hoe, of the Technical Cooperation Directorate in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.The event took place in the Carousel Restaurant in the Royal Plaza on Scotts road which is situated in Orchard Road Belt. The place is meant for special people and run by special professionals. The food was good,sumptuous and appetising . On behalf of the participants,

  • Thanks---
  • thanks ---- so much.

At tea time--- the usual goodies were unattended---Reason???

Wrap up

The session was ended in a jovial mood that had mixed feeling when noting that Ah! but only one day before the reverse cultureshock takes over.

dumile 27 march 2007.