Summary of Day Six Activities

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Day Six:

Monday March 19TH

Morning Session

The day's programme started with the introduction of Fiona Spence from New Zealand. She is a designer of learning environment including learning materials and she shared some of her valuable experience with the participants of the Boot Camp.

Group Activity:

In groups the participats continued developing content for the ODL materials on the following topics.

  • Developing a Student Guide
  • Relevant Technologies
  • ID(Instructional Design)models.
  • Course Evaluation
  • Other Key Issues Associated with ODL.
  • Pre-workshop Checklist

As the participant developed content they symultaneouly posted the work on wiki showing thier experties in wiki skills.

Afternoon Session

The groups continued polishing the work they have posted on wiki. Generally they had developed enough content on their topic and presented impressively on the wiki.

As a conclusion the participants registered themselves on the Singapore Coorperation Programme facilitated by Mohinder Singh from the Ministry of Foriegn Affairs.

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