Summary of Day Nine Activities

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Thursday 22-03-07

Start: 9.35

Close: 4.45

  • The scheduled activities for the day were: Grand Review and framework development.
  • Tuvaaga kicked off the morning session by explaining there will be a review session. The main purpose of this review was to take stock in terms of where we are, what are the emerging issues, what if anything needs reviewing.

The bootcamp broke into four regional groups under the four leaders. The group leaders met for a debriefing session and the following conclusions were presented:

  • It was obvious that not all participants were at the same level in terms of mastery of the wiki skills. Some were quite comfortable while others were struggling.
  • For the bootcamp to achieve its objectives all participants should reach a comfortable mastery level.
  • About five members who had a good handle of the wiki were identified to guide those who needed help (one or two in group).
  • The participants will be taken through the basics of wiki in a tutorial style led by Phillip.

The tutorial took the rest of the day, with step by step guide from Phillip and hands on exercise by all. By the end of the day, all participants were clearly very satisfied with the progress they had made. A lot of excitement was generated especially when all could apply wiki tools like discussion, uploading pictures, linking pages etc. What a sigh of relief for all, it was real great decision made to go this way!

  • Another highlight

A visit from COL: Joshua Mallet, Education Specialist in Learning and Livelihoods was introduced. Joshua will be working with the next bootcamp on tourism. He is already preparing for that bootcamp. Joshua's impression from sitting in and talking with participants was that good progress has been made by this bootcamp. --Lephoto 15:25, 22 March 2007 (CET)