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The tutorials were a great introduction to editing wikis. My name is Heather French and my username is hfrench2smc. See you soon :)

Hey Prof. McCabe! I finished the tutorials. My name is Callie Lumbra and my username is clumbrasmc. See you Monday!

Dear Professor McCabe, I just completed tutorials 1-6. My name is Molly Linnell and my username is Mlinnellsmc. see you in class!

Professor McCabe, I completed the 6 tutorials. My name is Justine Dube and my username is jdubesmc.

Hi Professor McCabe, My name is Marian Yandow and my username is MarianSMC. See you tomorrow!

Hi Professor McCabe, My name is Kathleen Lanigan, I used the tutorial to complete steps 1-6. My username is Klanigan.