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I have taken the interview of a primary teacher. She is the senior most teacher of the school.

Interviewee name: Suman Lata Bhadoria

Date of interview: 17- 12-07

Place of conducting interview: Sunpura school

Question : When you have joined this school?

Madam : 22 years ago. (In 1985-86).

Question : How many teachers are here?

Madam : 7 teachers out of them 2 are on the post?

Question : On the post means?

Madam : On the post means they are working on other post also, like one teacher also works in “Nirvachan Ayog”. And second teacher also works in the “Shiksha Parishad”.

Question : Out of them how many are female & male?

Madam : Female -3, Male -4 (2 are on the post)

Question : Teachers live in village or they come from any other place?

Madam : We all teachers come from Vidisha.

Question : What is the timing (shift) of the school’?

Madam : Primary section is held on second shift i.e. from 12: 30 to 5: 00 pm. But villagers want that it should be in morning sift (first shift).

Question : Why?

Madam : Because students of secondary school (elder children) will do the work of home and after finishing that they will come to school. But it is possible only in winter session (according to government Rule).

Question: which subjects are used to teach here?

Madam: Hindi, English, math’s & E.V.S. (but EVS is not taught in 1st &2nd classes. It is taught in class 3rd onwards.)

Question : what is the total strength of students in the primary school? Please tell me class wise.

Madam : Total strength is 271.

I 45
II 52
III 74
IV 54
V 46

Question : what is the total strength of SC and ST students?

Madam : Total strength of students is 53. Out of them girls are 29 and boys are 24.

Question : Is there any provision of scholarship?

Madam : yes. All students of SC and ST get scholarship.

Question :Only SC/ST Students get scholarship?

Madam: No, general students also gets scholarship. But only scholar students (topper) get scholarship from the Shram- Vibhag.

Question : Is there any change in the no. of girls students from the starting of your carrier & now these days?

Madam: yes, there is a lot of change. In starting there were only 12-15 girls studying in the school. But now these days half of the total strength is of girls. (They are more then boys)

Question : Have you done anything for increasing the no. of girl’s students in the school?

Madam : yes, when I saw that people (villagers) send there sons only to the school & not to daughters of same age group or even younger then those of the sons. Then I started to send back to their homes & I told to their parents that when you will send to your daughters then & then only I will teach your sons.

Question : Wow! That’s a wonderful idea Madam. Can you tell me about the problems of the school?

Madam : There are a lots of problems, out of them some major problems are: scarcit of water, no electricity & sanitation problems.

Question : what do you like most in the school?

Madam : Children are very sweet. They are very interested in the study. But they are not getting sufficient facilities which are needed. Teachers are very responsible; they do their job very well.

Question : what is the standard of education & English in school?

Madam : Standard of education is good. Almost all students know about the Barahkhadi & tables and the level (std.) of the English is O.K. but not good as in the cities.

Question : what modifications do you want in this school? Or what should be done in the school?

Madam : There are a lot of modifications required in the school. But some basic needs are as follows:

  1. Teaching staff is needed.
  2. Nursery or K.G. school (Pre-primary school) should be opened for the benefits of students.
  3. And there should be any provision for the management of small children because some children (elders) comes along with their younger brothers/sisters for engaging them.

Interviewer: Thank you very much mam for such valuable information.


After having the interview of school teacher I came to know about the problems of students which live in villages. And about the teacher which has the great passion of teaching like Suman Lata Bhadoriya marn. She tries to find out the path in any adverse condition.