Subject-Verb Agreement: HOMEWORK

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HOMEWORK: Subject-Verb Agreement

Choose the correct form of the verb for each sentence:

  1. The door (doesn't, don't) close very well.
  2. Our dogs (was, were) barking wildly all night.
  3. Five cans of paint (is, are) left on the shelf.
  4. Here (is, are) your bonus for your extra hours of work.
  5. Why (doesn't, don't) the girls take the bus to school?
  6. One of those movies (was, were) supposed to be filmed in Vancouver.
  7. A rose and a carnation (looks, look) beautiful together.
  8. The scissors (is, are) in the top drawer.
  9. Two dogs and a cat (is, are) all the pets that we need.
  10. Here (comes, come) the noisiest kids on the block!
  11. Either the team players or the captain (has, have) to pay for the damage.
  12. There (was, were) two good reasons for her poor behavior.
  13. A group of angry union workers (is, are) marching down to City Hall.
  14. Neither my husband nor my sons (takes, take) out the garbage for me.
  15. The problem of drug abuse (is, are) hard to solve.

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