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  1. Lectures will be taken up as per the lecture plan.
  2. Reference books and text books will be told to the students as the class starts.
  3. In each lecture, the session will be started by getting to know the basic knowledge of the student regarding a particular topic.
  4. Next the lecture delivery will be made creative and interactive so as to keep the session interesting for the students.
  5. The topics taken will be in increasing difficulty level ie from easy to difficult.
  6. Proper examples or case studies will be taken up for proper understanding.
  7. After every lecture a quick overview of the topics covered will be taken up.
  8. After completing every unit, a quiz based test will be taken.
  9. Students will not be provided with any hand-outs or written notes. Only important points may be noted by them.
  10. It is supposed that the student can refer the suggested book in case of difficulty, which if still remains unresolved, he/she can clear his/her doubts from the concerned faculty.
  11. Apart from that, Students will be given proper assignments and tutorials in order to check the student’s regularity and sincerity in class as well as after the class.