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These are the snapshots of students using wiki, blog and podcasting in their Learning Process and Setting up their practical activity, which is building up an aquarium.

Learning Processes

The students are using laptop for the learning process. They are able to use internet in order to surf on open educational sites(like wiki, blog) providing learning resources freely, and also making use of podcasting. At first, the educator guides them how to address the topic and provide them with the learning tools. Then the students benefit from self-paced learning and are allowed to discuss in groups, sharing their views and any additional information. Furthermore, the teamwork does not stop in the lab. At home too, the students may work online on the wiki and blog.

Learning Process - Guided

Learning Process - Self-Paced

Learning Process - Group Learning

Materials Used

The materials which have been used are: Aquarium, water filter, pebbles, decorative plants, fish food.

Decorative Plants

Fish food (flakes)

Fishes to breed

The fishes in the figure are the ones which will be bred in the aquarium.


Preparation of Aquarium

The following photos illustrate the steps followed by the students in setting up the aquarium.

Step 1: Preparing Pebbles

Step 2: Preparing Aquarium

Step 3: Washing Pebbles

Step 4: Filling Water

Completion of Project

After a fortnight of hard work, the aquarium has successfully and beautifully been built. The team work among students with the guidance of the staff have shown a worthwhile effort.

Aquarium Prepared

The Fishes introduced

Aquarium Overview 1

Aquarium Overview 2
Cooperation of staff and students

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