Student views on Project Gutenberg (‘Virtual Volunteering’).

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To Quote A Few...

"I also completed the Gutenberg project, and I must say for writers, I think it is a great idea. Not only does it get their writing out in the public, but also gives them the chance to improve their writing." ...Jamie Pewitt-Cardoso

"I just wanted to comment on the amount of time put into making a single book. It is truly remarkable. Branching out the work (thanks to group work) definitely makes this process a lot easier. I think Gutenberg needs us to help spread the awareness of their existence. I would never have known of them if not for our midterm project." ...Tarun Morton

"I chose the Gutenberg project like many students but honestly it didn't catch my attention. I think it's a great idea with the concept of preserving literature but it's definitely not for everyone which includes me." ...Matthew Hawkins

"I have a very busy schedule, and found the Gutenberg Project to work very well with my schedule. I can fit my proofreading into odd hours of my day and get this project done much easier. If you are worried about managing your time, try this option out." ...Manuel Martinez

"This is a great new way of learning and a way to help the community when you have a busy schedule because you can do it from your own home and in your own time." ...Ashley Nell

"I feel good about the work I'm doing. I've managed to help save two books already; a compilation of poems and a short novel. The thing is that correcting pages and digitizing them is so simple and easy to do that it doesn't really seem like community service work. If you want, you can also read the stories as Smooth Readers. All you do is read stories and search for any punctuation problems you encounter. This is a great thing for all book lovers out there since you get to see new books from strange authors you've never heard before!" ...Yong Ra

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