Student Fees: determining fee levels

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Determining Fee Levels & Devising a Fee Structure

Tutorial.png Unit 11 

Introduction | Legal Basis and Policy Issues | Determining Fee Levels | Deciding on a Fee Structure | Can Students Afford It? | Influence of Price on Demand | Providing for the Neediest Students


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By the end of this unit, you will be able to:

  • suggest at least three principles to guide decision-making in relation to student fees;
  • explain at least three different approaches to determining fee levels and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each;
  • outline the options in relation to how fees are structured;
  • identify potential sources of information for further consideration of the problem of whether students are able to pay increased fees;
  • explain how the price of goods or services can influence demand and the potential influence of this phenomena on student enrolments;
  • select the most appropriate mechanism to ensure that those who are worst off can continue to avail of opportunities to study through ODL.