Stress and Stress Managment

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What is Stress?

Causes of Stress/Potential Factors

Some stressors at school: Difficulty to read Unable to finish class work trouble with the teacher truancy Unable to clearly explain situations being bullied homework Poor assessment results exams lack of school material changing school

Some stressors at home: housework parents/siblings who drink home violence low income no place for quiet time or study illness

Other stressors: caught smoking or drinking preparing for a performance death of a friend or relative loosing a job changing jobs managing difficult relationships moving house friends leaving home making decisions

Body's Reaction to Stress

Short term:mind becomes alert quick reactions, dry mouth, tension in neck and shoulders, faster breathing, faster heart rate, high blood pressure, sweaty palms, diarrhoea, butterflies in the stomach,lump in throat, nervous laughter, bursting into tears, fidgeting, nail biting

Long term:headaches,diziness, ulcers, blurred vision, forgetfulness,, indigestion, disturbed sleep, muscle aches, tension, fear, irritability, nervousness, loss of confidence, depression,anxiety, nightmares, drug dependence, excessive drinking, heart trouble loss of appetite leading to Mental breakdown

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Write up case study Using some ideas from the text above identify at least five physical and five mental/emotional ways Gina could be affected.

How will this situation affect Don?


Assessing one's mental and emotional health

Prevention Strategies/Coping with Stress

Sources of information/products/services

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