Stress Management/Case studies/Case 1

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Case history

Client is a male insurance broker. He owns and manages his own business and employs staff. He works very long hours with much computer work, talking on the phone and client visits.

He has a partner and two teenage children.

The client advised on their first visit that they have been suffering from lower back pain and tight shoulders. He hopes that massage will reduce his pain level and get him back to gardening which he enjoys but finds it difficult whilst in pain. He is otherwise healthy.

He rates his stress level at 7/10, stating that he is very busy at work, is currently renovating a house, and is preparing a rugby team to participate in the premier rugby grade.

Your client also likes to play tennis and run when he can find the time (which is not often of late).


Based on this information, what would your next steps be?

Please consider

  • Is there a need for further assessment, and if so what would your assessment process be?
  • Based on the information which you have, describe the stress management programme that you would develop for this client.