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Self evaluation tools for teachers

"For professional educators, the goal is always the same: monitor and adjust instruction to increase the learning of all students. Conscientious faculty members subject their teaching strategies, instructional techniques and style to their own critical evaluation on an almost constant basis. This evaluation often does not have a formal structure but even a simple checklist can help to focus ideas." (Schwartz, n.d. para 3)

Tools for self evaluation can be as simple as a self check list or a feedback activity run with students. More complex tools can include extensive questionnaires, formalised feedback processes and recording and reviewing your teaching.

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  • Does your own institution/organisation have a tool for feedback on your teaching?
  • What information does this provide for you?

A deceptively simple tool for gaining feedback from your students is the Stop/Start/Continue tool. You could put a large sheet of paper or three separate sheets and use those three words as headers or you could give students their own post it notes and ask then to use the headers. Under each header ask the students to write

  • what they would like you to stop doing
  • what they would like you to start doing that you are not already doing, and
  • what they would like you to continue doing.

This provides immediate feedback on what is working well for them, what can be changed and acknowledges suggestions they may have.

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Explore the following links.
  • What ideas appeal to you?
  • What can you use to help improve your own practice?

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