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St. Columba's College, Hazaribagh Earlier known as Dublin University College is a premier Constituent Unit of Vinoba Bhave University, Hazaribag. It was established in '1895 by Dublin University, UK, and in 1896 it get affiliation from Calcutta University. Due to its performance, within one decade (1904) it becomes Grade ‘A’ college of Calcutta University. Year 1906-1907 is the golden year of this college when it get its present name “St. Columba’s College” and in the same year it becomes an examination center of Calcutta University. This is the first ever Residential College of undivided Bengal and later of Bihar & Orissa. It is one of the oldest multi faculty institutions of higher education in Eastern India.

On the inauguration ceremony of “Kings Block” of College the Governor of Bihar & Orrisa Sir Charl’s S. Bely says: - “The existences of a college like this where sound and successful teaching is combined with high moral tone enforced by precept and what is more valuable. Inculcated by example is a most valuable asset to a local Government whose duly it is to foster education by ever means is its power throughout territories entrusted to its care.”